In light of the recent police shootings and police who were shot, I have only this to say, fundamentally:

You cannot fight injustice with injustice.

There is no excuse for terrorism. Period. Change comes through democracy, when the people use their freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful protest to demand change. This isn’t Tsarist Russia people, we don’t have to resort to violence to be heard, and it would be foolish not to use our rights to better the human condition of our fellow countrymen and women. If you fight an unjust system with injustice you are no better than the racist criminal justice system. When you declare all police officers to be guilty of the crimes of a few, you are no better than a police officer who declares all black people are guilty of the crimes of a few. Terror, in and of itself has only ever historically been effective post-revolution in bringing about rapid, radical change to the former prevailing social conditions. We see this in the French and Bolshevik revolutions, even then morally it is a very terrible (no pun intended) thing.


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