Atheism vs. Theism

Existence isn’t proof of God OR lack thereof. To say there is no God because there is no sound evidence for it is to say there is to say that you believe that there are no undiscovered scientific phenomena because you see no evidence for it. The answer, in the purest logical sense it that we don’t know for sure. Many of us claim to know, I certainly do. I fully believe in God and I am a Christian. The most commonly used arguments on both sides of the debate table are logical and sound in many senses, but deeply flawed in others. I do not see evidence of God in the sunset, I do not see any reason to deny the theory of evolution, or any sound scientific theory for that matter. I do not see any lack of evidence of God because I believe in the big bang or evolution (only the strictest literal interpretations of the book of Genesis). I think that the purely logical, even the dialectical materialist outlook of the world, while a good and sensible way to look at it (and various socioeconomic situations, as well as human history through historical materialism) is not the only way to see things. To proclaim that ‘this is all there is’ is foolish in my opinion. If you know me, you know that I am an extremely logical and rational person, I will attempt to dismantle any view or position that contradicts science and logic, even my most valued beliefs and opinions. However I do not see the belief in God as something which contradicts this, and I was an atheist for some time and this is the conclusion I have come to. In my mind, it only makes sense that NOTHING should exist. Why does anything exist? I’ve pondered this far too long, even knowing that any conclusion I come to will likely be flawed. So to believe in a random big bang or in God are both sensical, sound arguments. While you may disagree with me, this is the conclusion I have come to, and each of us are entitled to our own opinions.

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