Hillary or Trump? Lesser of the two evils?

Hillary cares so much about workers rights that she’ll raise the US wage to 15/hr! Oh wait that’s right she collaborated with big business to keep slave wages in Haiti, one of the poorest countries on earth. So I guess she doesn’t really care all that much about workers OR human rights outside of the US. So I guess that means she’s an imperialist scumbag just like the rest of them. But we can still vote for Trump right? Oh wait he wants to do away with federal minimum wage entirely, he even thinks the current poverty wage in the US is ‘too high’. He wants a flat tax that will increase taxes on the poor and give wealthy business owners like himself huge tax breaks. But he’s a successful businessman! No, if everyday going back to April of 2007 represented an individual lawsuit, that’s how many lawsuits Trump would have against him by fellow business colleagues, many of whom have spoken out and said publicly that he’s a con-man. So I guess he’s a bonafide Capitalist pig who puts profits over people. It’s kind of like choosing which kind of cancer is better. I think I’ll just vote for Jill Stein. But ‘if you aren’t voting for Hillary you’re voting for Trump’, say the liberals. And ‘if you aren’t voting for Trump you’re voting for Hillary’, say the conservatives. Please, just stop. The two-party system is a joke. It’s not ‘throwing your vote away’ when both candidates have the highest unfavorability ratings in US history. This is the first time in US history where we have even the smallest chance of getting a third party candidate into office, or at least get our message across and having the voices of millions of independents heard. It’s not choosing between the lesser of the two evils, it’s protesting the absurdity of the two-party system, the absurdity of US politics.

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