Global Warming

Our children’s children are all going to die a slow, painful, suffocating death if we do not address the threat of global warming immediately, before it’s too late. Even though many scientists are saying that BECAUSE our corrupt government did nothing these past few decades, we have reached the point of no return, there is still hope of somehow reversing the effect. It’s in our hands. The runaway greenhouse effect is very real (see Venus, compare to Mercury). People who deny what scientists are saying like Donald Trump and the big billionaire oil companies will be held responsible for the death of all of humanity for refusing to see the problem and addressing it. When a scientist goes and tells congress ‘a meteor is going to his earth and cause a mass extinction event if we don’t do something immediately’ you don’t hear the congressman saying ‘oh I’m not a scientist’. Every single climate denying congressman and woman who’s receiving any donations from the fossil fuel industry needs to be fired immediately and all such donations need to be banned. You can argue about marriage equality, abortion, the military, immigration, and all that stuff later. This IS the future of humanity we are talking about here. If we do nothing, everyone WILL die and it will be our fault. Global warming is the single most important issue we face. That’s why I’m voting Jill Stein for President.

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