Consent and Existence

It is impossible to give consent to be thrust into existence, into consciousness. For to consent implies that existence, that consciousness already exists. Thus we have a universal injustice, a universal truth until it is proven false by some psychedelic madness. So what is the nature of existence? Chaos would imply that whatever wretched beast comes about by a random chain of events would be a torturous, mutilated thing longing for nonexistence. Yet we find order amongst the chaos, our existence is perfected through the eternal process of natural selection, which acts to ensure that we largely consent to our existence after the fact. Yet where does consciousness truly begin? Is a spider truly conscious when it winds its web? Is a man truly conscious when he writes a book or drives a car? Thus we see differing levels of consciousness in differing beings. Perhaps the spider is simply acting merely on instinct, perfected over billions of years of evolution, lest we say that men are no different from the perspective of an outside, nonhuman observer? No! Humans seem to deviate from mere instinctual behaviors, collectively and individually we change through our own intellect. We do not still wander among caves with primitive wooden sticks, we change far ahead of what is necessary. But what of God? I like to think that bacteria are to men as men are to God. It is unfathomable by the limits of the human mind. But what of God? Did God himself consent to existence? Did God himself emerge as a construct of the laws of time which we are so familiar with or is he not bound by them at all? Did God create time itself? Of this one can only speculate. For whatever conclusion is come to, one cannot be assured of it’s truth unless one confronts God himself which would be even greater still.

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