Smashing of the Two-Party System

It’s time to smash the two party system which alienates so many Americans. Now is the time, America is ready now more than ever. With both candidates having the lowest unfavorability ratings in US history it would be foolish not to seize the moment to the advantage of the masses. Neither party truly represents the working masses but rather the corporate elite. This is precisely what happens when we allow big-money into the political process. Given the fact that both parties place big-money interests over the people they are supposed to represent, we have a huge alienating force at work, a force which allows no opposition. Any deviation from the social norm is met with comments that ‘you are throwing your vote away if you vote third party’ or ‘third party will never win’. Essentially we have two bourgeois parties dominating the political arena, each claiming to represent the working masses while only truly catering to the rich elite. Even when they get on board with big social movements it is only because their hands are forced by the overwhelming majority. So how does one seize the moment? The answer is simple. Support third party candidates such as Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. This goes far beyond mere opposition to Trump and Clinton. As you can see in detail here, if the Green or Libertarian party get more than 5% of the vote in general, they will receive ~20 Million dollars in federal funds in the next election cycle. This is huge for third party politics. Moreover, if either candidate gets more than 15% in the polls they will be allowed to join in the main debates between Clinton and Trump. Supporting third party candidates is also not conforming the bourgeois lesser-evilism ideology which is a direct result of the two party system. The election is very far away, and supporting third-party now does not necessarily mean you will actually vote third party come election time, depending on what the polls are showing then. Between the 4 candidates Jill Stein is the only one not tainted by big-money or corporate interests, beyond that we agree ideologically to an extent far greater than the other 3. For these reasons I have decided to support Jill Stein and I invite others to join me. But it is absolutely imperative that the American people stand up and vote their conscience, the two-party system only has at much power as the people give it. It is a social construct, not to say that it does not have power, but that it’s power can be done away with entirely if the people stand up and let their voice be heard.

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