Is the productive potential already beyond what capitalism can provide?

The fact that the hardest workers under capitalism are the poorest speaks volumes to its inefficiency. There is no denying that in not rewarding hard work, it has become a burden to the productive forces. Moreover with the very recent exponential increase of technological advancements we see that it is taking more and more innovation to sustain the capitalist economy. Capitalism, according to both pro-capitalist economists and marxian economists requires constant growth (around 3% annually) just to function properly. There is no doubt that we are pushing our economic system continually to the absolute limit, with such an amount of constant growth required, the economy must continue to produce new innovations exponentially in order to function. While the productive potential itself is also fundamentally rising, eventually the productive potential will rise far beyond what is economically feasible under capitalism, far beyond its potential to provide a decent life to those who actually produce societies wealth. It is arguable that this has already taken place, that the proletarianization of the American middle class itself is a sign of the decline in the economies power to sustain a strong middle class, and thus meet its productive potential. Thus the people of the world will soon have to confront the fact that we live in a system, and moreover have lived in a system for a long time now with the productive potential to feed, house, and otherwise provide the necessities to every man, woman and child however it is set up in such a rigid, outdated way that it’s innovations are unable to provide for and enrich the lives of those who actually produce the wealth of our society. This is undeniable proof that the current productive potential cannot be met under capitalism, that even though we are seeing an exponential increase in technological growth, it is not because the economy is keeping up with the productive potential, but rather that the productive potential is so far beyond what the capitalist economy can provide that the economy itself cannot keep up, that it is struggling to provide and grow at a constant rate, and that its struggling so much that it is impoverishing the middle class, the pride of the American dream.


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