Social Structure, Automated Labor, Communism, Housing, a rambling

Social Structures, Community, and Architecture

The best society is one that combines the interconnectedness of a large society with the sense of community of a small society. The internet allows us more interconnectedness than ever before. Thus we collectively as a society can begin to change the social dynamic in the real world to address the lack of community we feel in such an interconnected, large, and monotone society. This begins with architecture. When we begin to build neighborhoods, communities, buildings in a way that society begins to extend its hand unto itself. We can begin to build the world in a more diverse way, so you see the best building styles, cultures, art, and social systems all mixed together. To see grand Egyptian style monuments, Greek columned buildings, Victorian and Italian homes, etc. But this is simply a means of diversifying the visual world. So when someone in Florida drives to California he feels himself to be another place entirely. He see’s different buildings, different styles of art, architecture, etc. The present society has had the effect of making the visual world in regard to the road system undeniably bland and monotone in nature, something which must be actively fought against.

Automation of labor

With technology comes rapid increases in automation. Automated labor under capitalism strikes fear and terror into the modern worker, for he/ she knows they have no job security, no safety net, and no way to survive if and when their labor is replaced with a robot. Under both socialism automated labor breathes a sigh of relief into the worker. For he knows that no longer will men have to toil away on menial tasks, he will be provided for and his needs will be met by society and by the business which he is democratically a part of. He will be able to actively contribute to society in another, more useful way. The surplus produced by the robot will go to the workers themselves thus increasing overall wealth and also to those who were put off of work until they can find new employment/ change tasks. With the increasing amount of automated labor socialism will become even more- a necessity.

The future of communism with the coming of automated labor

I dream one day (maybe in 200 years or so) that all manual labor will be done by robots. All farming and hard, industrial labor will be done by robots. All blue collar jobs will be done by robots and for the first time man will be free from having to toil away hours on end meaninglessly and will be able to pursue his/her own creative passions as well as the pursuit of science, art, literature, etc. Society will be run on 100% renewable energy, likely involving cold-fusion. Already communism frees man from the already existing state of menial labor. As the productive forces grow exponentially man will be able to merely give to society, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”. The practical theories of communism came about long before the automobile. Even then they saw the potential of the industrial revolution, the potential capitalism had to revolutionize the world. What they didn’t see was the coming of robots- actual machines made to do complex tasks on their own. With their invention, along with the invention of the automobile, the internet, and all other grand technological achievements which have been invented in the last 100 years it is undeniable that the communist system will- or at the very least has the potential to- inevitably prevail. One day, and only when the state is gone, man will be free. Only then will mankind reach the ultimate expansion of freedom, democracy, equality, fraternity and personal liberty for all. But this could easily be achieved without robots, it could be done by man alone. The invention of robotics merely compliments the possibility of a real global communist system. Each day the productive forces are exponentially increasing and the modern economy is struggling to keep up- as evidenced by its decreasing ability to provide for those who create the wealth: the working and middle class, the pride of the American dream. I can only hope one day for a system that is fundamentally based on human needs and not greed, where the sacred chant that ‘all men are created equal’ is mirrored by the very fabric of society, so all men have an equal chance to succeed in life. 



Wealth Inequality in proportion to Housing

We live in a society where capital is not only not proportional to hard work- but actually contradicts it in many ways. This is not to say that the rich do not work hard, but that the poor also work hard- oftentimes more so. No I do not wish everyone to be paid equally, but only that labor is directly proportional to capital received, and ultimately the abolition of money completely. But there is the housing question. Some of the hardest workers in our society have the smallest homes, not only is wealth disproportionate to hard work but so too is housing. You cannot force people out of their homes, you cannot leave the hardest working people in society in absurdly cramped homes either. The only real solution would be one that could only take place over a very long period of time, one that does not infringe of people’s right to personal (not private) property. It would be easy to say that homes not deemed fit for human living be demolished but this is impractical. I have not figured out a practical potential solution to this problem as of yet, but I do know one thing. The land belongs to those who work it, and the home belongs to those who dwell within it.

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