A message from Albert Speer, “The Nazi who said sorry”

I was looking into people with my personality type (INTP) and I came across a peculiar fellow named Albert Speer. He was the Minister of Armaments in Nazi Germany, and he was the only one to apologize for the crimes he had committed in the Nuremberg Trials, the only one to take any moral responsibility. You can spend time looking at the Nazi’s, at all the crimes they committed but not a single one of the big ones will never apologize, none of them except Mr. Albert Speer. He committed terrible crimes, but strangely enough after his release from prison he wrote books about his experience inside the third reich, even donating up to 80% of his book sales to Jewish charities anonymously. But I’m not here to defend Mr. Speer, not by any means. I am here because Mr. Speer had a message to the world that needs to be heard. There is something Mr. Speer said that I think has more merit today than in his lifetime, and that is this:

“Technology [can be used] to multiply [genocide]. … The more technological the world becomes, the more essential … individual freedom and the self-awareness of the individual human being [will be] as a counterpoise to technology.”

What does this imply? Well Mr. Speer certainly knew what he was talking about, he was a very bright man (IQ of 128). He wanted to warn the world of the dangers of technology, the dangers it poses to freedom, to individuality. As we become increasingly interconnected as technology progresses we must not lose out individuality, our ability to think as individuals human beings. We must remain vigilant, militantly opposed to the slightest erosion of our rights in the name of ‘security’ or ‘counter-terrorism’. Modern technology poses a greater existential threat to our freedom than anything else in all human history, while it has the potential to- and undeniably has radically improved our lives, this truth cannot be forgotten. This I believe is the essence of Mr. Speer’s message.

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