A rambling on Clinton, Trump and the joke that is American democracy

On policy both candidates are absolutely awful. Then we have the Trump Tapes and the email scandals which are equally bad, they’re both TERRIBLE candidates, the debates are an absolute joke, what serious topics did they debate? What serious policy was discussed? Nothing but a horse show. 9/10th out of every vote isn’t because they believe in the candidate but rather because they hate the other one so much. A wise man once said, “Instead of electing which members of the ruling class were to misrepresent the people, universal suffrage was to serve the PEOPLE”. American democracy is a joke, a facade, truncated to fool the poor and serve the rich. Not only is it limited to mere ‘formal’ political democracy, but that formal democracy is limited- to serve those with money, the capitalists, or rich men. You want to talk about democracy? Get money out of politics, get rid of the whole social system altogether! Give people REAL democracy, not just real political democracy but economic democracy- democratic control in the workplace, which is just as important. American democracy is a joke, it is an insult to the American people. What we need is a mass party of the 99%, a workers party which stands up to big money interests. It’s time to smash the two-party dictatorhip which alienates so many Americans. To reject the lesser evil and fight for yhe greater good. It is but a first step towards lehitimizing the struggles of the masses, the strugle for socialism, but neccesary nonetheless.We must stop ALL future Trump’s. This begins with smashing the system that gave us Trump and Hillary in the first place.

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