“I think therefore I am” existence and consciousness

It is certainly a logical conclusion. But at what point do we establish thought capable of being considered consciousness? Does the spider think to bind his web? Or is it his nature? If nature is the defining trait then to intentionally betray ones own nature would be an act of conscious being. But human nature is to rebel against nature- both the natural world and human nature. We cannot claim that mankind lacks predefined nature, but we can say that human nature is to a large extent malleable. Perhaps it is the unconscious or subconscious mind which programs a spider to act the way it does, in this case consciousness is an advanced form of the subconscious mind. But whose to say that there isn’t a species of even greater intelligence whose subconscious mind is made up of the alien equivalent of our conscious mind? To them are we mere primitive animals with limited will? To be is to exist. To exist is absurdity. Existence cannot to rationalized for its origin is the beginning of logic and reason itself.

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