This election as and example of ‘democracy’, our society as an example of ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, ‘liberty’, ‘justice’

In a truly democratic system THE PEOPLE would only ALLOW candidates they (the majority) like and approve of to make it this far. But because capital has such a sway, things are not democratic. Don’t be fooled. This election is a sheer and complete mockery of even the word ‘democracy’. The people hate both candidates and the only reason one will win is because they are slightly less hated than the other. The American people are being fooled to vote against their own interests in a two-party oligarchy under the guise of a democratic process. Indeed the people are allowed to elect every 2 or 4 years which members of the ruling class they want to oppress them, but universal suffrage was not intended to be this way, it was intended to SERVE THE PEOPLE. Government in capitalist society serves the capitalist, not the working masses. It seeks only to defend the prevailing social order and to limit and cripple any real social change- including the expansion of democratic rights (such as REAL political democracy along with economic democracy) and civil liberties which are impossible under capitalism. Freedom, democracy, equality, liberty and justice are grand words. But in our society it is only freedom to conform, democracy which is truncated, false- a snare which deceives the poor and the oppressed into thinking real social change is possible under the prevailing social order. It is not equality (as was promised to be delivered under capitalism circa the French Revolution) but rather the highest rate of inequality in all of human history, liberty only for the wealthy and justice is served out only to the poor. These grand words inscribed upon the banner of our society are utterly and completely false in material reality, and will remain so as long as the prevailing social order continues to exist.


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