Today is a mockery of the word ‘democracy’

In truth it doesn’t matter who wins tomorrow, the American people lose. Instead of deciding which member of the ruling class was to misrepresent the people every 2 or 4 years, universal suffrage was to serve THE PEOPLE. This is a treacherous mockery of democracy. It only solidifies the truth that mere political democracy without industrial democracy (socialism) amounts to, in practice, virtual oligarchy. The government does not serve the people, it serves the rich, the capitalists. It always has and it always will. As I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again. Democracy is a two-winged bird. In America one wing is crippled. There is but tyranny in the workplace, there is absolutely no economic democracy of any kind. The other wing, political democracy is just as false. It serves the oligarchs, the candidates the ruling class funds which best represent its own interests. There is no real democracy for the American people! The whole system only serves the rich! The ballots don’t give people power, power is something they have to take into their own hands! The people have to come together and demand real social change!

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