On using the phrase “God is in control” to passively stand by

“God is in control” may be true, but it is certainly no excuse to passively accept injustice, or any form of oppression or exploitation. God didn’t stop Hitler, people did. Now you can argue that God works through people, and therefore through the material forces of the universe whose laws he set into motion, but if that is the case then it is the people (in whatever they do) who are acting in accordance with some divine plan. So in that case there is absolutely no excuse to use such a phrase to passively defend injustice. In fighting against injustice you are therefore acting in accordance with some divine will, and thereby still using such logic. Therefore act in accordance with what is right, do not expect God to come around and stop whatever evil thing is happening or about to happen. God doesn’t do that, he leaves it up to the people. Take the common sense to act for yourself and those around you, do not wait for some divine hand. We have free will, we must use it to better the world and fight against injustice in every form.

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