Ultimately I know that I know nothing

As Socrates once said, “I know that I know nothing”. I reluctantly agree with such a self-analysis. I am but one man, a limited mind in a universe full of infinite knowledge. I know that I don’t have the answers to life’s problems. I look for solutions in a logical way of course but I can never be sure that I am actually right without trying said solution- which often proves impossible given the limited nature of being just one man and contemplating such complex and grand problems. My hope is that in some way someone who is interested in finding the solutions and understanding the same things I am sees the logic of my various ideas and uses them to actually make real change in the world- or in the vary least build off his/ her own ideas. My goal is of course real change- I want nothing more than to change the world in a positive way, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t doubt myself all the time. I’d actually be worried if I didn’t. If you think you have a solution to some big problem or that you have found a potential solution and do not fundamentally doubt yourself- you do not know enough about said thing. The more I know the less I become sure of myself. This may seem paradoxical but ultimately it is true with any intellectual matter. Without transferring ideas into material reality there is always a million things that can go wrong with your idea- and the material world is unforgiving. The more I know, the more I realize the limited character of my knowledge. Ultimately in the grand scheme of things I know nothing. The truth is that I do not have the answers- no one really does. All I can do is try, all anyone can do is try. If I boasted like a child that ‘I HAVE ALL THE SOLUTIONS TO EVERYTHING’ then I would be a fool. I most certainly do not. I realize that sometimes formulating my thoughts on the internet like this may come off in that way but know that is never my intention. What you don’t see on my posts are my doubts about what I am saying, to think one is right or going in the right direction is completely different from being right. Only a fool could stand up and declare that they have the solutions to all the worlds problems because they spent a few solemn months in silent meditation and thought. The only legitimate realization I can come to is that ultimately I know that I know nothing.

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