On Absolute Purpose

Absolute purpose is the purpose we seek to find, even if that means accepting that there is no inherent purpose to anything- which itself is a realization of absolute purpose. We must understand that ‘purpose’ is a concept transfixed within the confines of time, and when we speak of absolute purpose we are moving beyond this. Not only the purpose of the here and now but the purpose of all things in all times in all hypothetical realities. Do these ‘other’ realities therefore have different purposes? Of course, the purpose of each would be relative to its own existence. Perhaps many of these ‘other’ realities or universes have their own gods in some which bring them into being and in others no god at all. But absolute purpose transcends these limitations. If certain theoretical physicists are correct, then these other universes are all interconnected in some way (though perhaps infinite infinities infinitely separate is a possibility but we shall ignore this for now). Assuming this is the case then absolute purpose can be found in what relation exists between our reality and all possible realities. Thus begs the question, is there a god which made all realities? When dealing with the infinite we shall say it must be so! But in infinity also shows infinite possibilities, so thus we are brought to the possibility of there being no god or gods which maintain this superstructure of all superstructures. Take my own religious convictions for instance if you will allow me to inject them into this philosophical rant. I subscribe to the Judeo-Christian religion, I have a materialist conception of the universe but nonetheless believe in God. So my God, assuming he is real as I inherently do, is said to be all powerful. But does this mean that he is infinitely powerful within the confines of our universe and/ or another? Or all universes? Which would therefore dictate that he is the overseer of all infinities. Is he a manifestation of some divine consciousness which manifests itself as absolute purpose?  Or does absolute purpose transcend even God? Let us suppose that it does, though there is no real way to know for sure. Therefore we must come to the conclusion that either God or the Universe came into being from nothing at one point in time, but aha! Time is merely a construct of the reality we know! Time for us began at the beginning of our universe. Therefore it is entirely possible that absolute purpose does indeed manifest itself not as the beginning of this web of universes or the beginning of God but rather in the actual manifestation of the whole multiverse itself. Absolute purpose is in what is. It is not in the beginning of what is because there only was a beginning for our universe and we must come to the conclusion that ‘other’ universes also had beginnings independent of our relative concept of time. Therefore time as we know it has no place in absolute purpose. There are thus several possibilities.

  • There is no purpose- which thus is absolute and thus is absolute purpose
  • Purpose is relative only to individual universes, it is the highest stage of purpose possible as the multiverse has none
  • Absolute purpose is the existing and ever existing manifestation of the entirety of the multiverse or of God
  • Absolute purpose is the intrinsic meaning coming into being of the entire multiverse- independent of our concept of time
  • Absolute purpose is the purpose of our universe only as no others exist
  • And so on and so on

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