Kindness ought not to be a virtue

Kindness ought not to be a virtue, but something which comes naturally out of the fraternal nature of community which hitherto has yet to exist on a large scale.

The current social system makes such fraternal existence impossible. It is only in a classless society that such brotherhood can truly emerge, when exploitation and oppression are forcibly abolished and the forcible mechanisms which ensure their abolition have withered away. The abolition of class distinctions abolishes the very foundation of economic exploitation and thus every conceivable cause of mass oppression and exploitation (by state, by slavery, by genocide, etc.). It is not some utopia, but rather it is the end result of 10,000 years of advancement in the productive forces. With the abolition of class religion no longer serves the ruling class but instead all humanity. Race is never again systematically used as an excuse to exploit one group of people over another. Women are liberated in their totality from patriarchial oppression.

The eternal brotherhood of mankind will ensure that humanity advances not in hostility towards one another but through cooperation and acceptance. Society will, for the first time honestly proclaim itself to ensure Liberty, Justice, Equality and Fraternity for ALL!

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