Several issues of capitalism not addressed by Marx

There are several issues under modern capitalism that I wish to point out. The first is that of bosses and how they have changed forms in the past century. Under modern capitalism the boss is not some heartless man at the head of a factory of 10,000 men. No, there is a cushioning by the modern corporation to prevent such clear class antagonisms from arising. The boss under the modern corporation is also a worker, bound to wage labor and facing the same exploitation as the worker. They are often friendly with their workers and even good friends with many. When we socialists declare ourselves against bosses we are not declaring ourselves against them, but against their boss and their bosses boss. Class antagonisms are designed to appear nonexistent by modern corporations. Most workers have never laid eyes on the bosses whom all the money they are making is going to. The system is designed this way intentionally, make no mistake. So when we workers strike or demand a union it is often those bosses we have come to respect and befriend that we are set in opposition to and not the actual bosses. To overcome this it is essential to explain the situation to the boss once action is already being taken, that it is in their best interest as well to fight with the workers.

The other is a contradiction I have yet to see identified by Marx or any other Marxian economist. It is often said by those ignorant of socialism that socialism encourages laziness. Actually it is the other way around. You see the modern wage laborer is paid a flat wage regardless of if he/ she works hard or not. The modern worker does not wish to work hard, in fact he (using male pronouns out of connivence) wishes not to work hard. For the least amount of work will warrant him the same pay as if he is compelled to double his labor- something that Marx actually does point out in that the labor done in a certain time is rapidly increased to increase the surplus value taken by the capitalist. However in this regard the worker does not want the enterprise to be successful, in fact he wants the least amount of customers and therefore the least amount of work to be done. His compulsion to work is the same as under socialism- to eat. However under socialism work and the success of the enterprise is directly proportional to the workers pay, and not to the pey of a few capitalists at the top who own the business. Because of this, we say that socialism not only will not cause laziness, but will actually increase the work and encourage the worker to work even harder and welcome increased production for it means he will make more money. This is how money is supposed to work, in that labor is directly proportional to labor received.

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