What is the most totalitarian regime in the world?

If I were to do a poll on people on the street asking “What country is the worst for human rights violations, for totalitarianism?” 99 out of 100 would say North Korea. But the fact of the matter is that it isn’t North Korea, that would be #2 on the list. The worst country in the world is widely known among experts on the matter to be Eritrea. It is a country far worse than North Korea yet most haven’t even heard of it. Why you ask? Because it is in Africa. You know, that continent most people casually make a sympathetic comment towards but otherwise ignore. That continent that is plagued by war, poverty and hunger. That continent which is widely exploited for its resources by western corporations. Yes, that one. We should certainly condemn North Korea for its human rights violations, but we should also condemn Eritrea- even more. African lives matter just as much as European or American lives. It’s a damn shame Eritrea isn’t even a country most people have heard of, a damn shame.

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