To truly be morally pro-life you must support pro-choice legislation

Morally I understand the pro-life AND pro-choice argument. However one must step aside from these moral arguments and look at the objective facts. Women in places where abortion is completely illegal and criminalized have more abortions than in places where it is completely legal, according to The Lancet (one of the most prestigious and respected medical journals). Therefore I argue that if you are morally pro-life, you must support a pro-choice policy. A policy in which abortions are legal with the inclusion of state mandated free contraceptives and birth control to all in order to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies to begin with. It is only in this way that the real abortion rate (clinical and illegal) can go down. Abortion is a tragic necessity. We must all look at these objective facts and accept that the only way to decrease the abortion rate is to allow safe, accessible abortions and contraceptives. To be pro-life is actually to support policies such as the prohibition of abortion that actually increase the abortion rate. Morally I can say that I do not like abortion and I discourage women from getting one but ultimately it is not my right, nor the right of the state to say what she can do with her body- especially that making such an act illegal is linked to an increase chance of having an abortion. If prohibition worked (really for anything) it would be a different matter entirely. A woman dies every seven minutes from an unsafe abortion. This is a death to the mother as well, a desperate mother. It is well know that unsafe (prohibited) abortions are on the rise while safe abortions in places where abortion is legal are substantially lower and not experiencing a similar rise. To be morally pro-life you must support a pro-choice policy.

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