“Why do you oppose the two party system” Take a good look at what it has gotten us. We need a new party of the 99%!

We solemnly declare the need for a new party of the 99%. Before the election liberals and conservatives alike went to us and said, “Why are you opposing the two party system? Just vote for the lesser of the two evils! Don’t throw your vote away!” Look now at exactly what this attitude has gotten us, look at the news right now. Donald Trump is in the Whitehouse, he is president of the United States. Do you know why? Because half the country was so scared of the other horrible candidate that they had to ‘vote for the lesser of the two evils’. Yes, Hillary would have been a disaster too. Make no mistake. The recognition of this fact is crucial, absolutely crucial. Look at what 40 years of absolutely horrible neoliberal politics from the ‘left’ have gotten us. Wages haven’t risen with productivity since the 1970’s.

There is absolutely no solution to be found from the center-right democratic party for working people. It has irrevocably betrayed the working and middle class. There is a reason traditional lower class blue voters have voted for Trump and refused to vote for Clinton. There is a reason for why many of the major unions backed Trump. It’s not because they are ‘dumb’ or ‘racist’ or whatever other term liberals like to throw at the ‘deplorables’ (though these are contributing factors). It is literally a contest to see who is the least popular, and to a lot of working people Trump looked like the best candidate.

Neither the Republican or Democratic party have, nor have they ever had the interests of working people at heart. Has this ever been more clear? The DNC rigged the election against Bernie Sanders and in favor of the  Hillary Clinton, the Wall Street friendly capitalist. Meanwhile the Republican party backed a billionaire. We’ve always known the country is run by the rich and powerful but now we have a billionaire (the top 1/10 of 1%) in the Whitehouse. This is precisely what a dictatorship of the rich looks like.

Lesser evilism has forced the 99% to take concessions from the ruling class to avoid one travesty over another. People weren’t insane for not voting for a war hawk. Hillary Clinton is literally the embodiment of brutal neoliberal global capitalism with a human face. I’m sure you all see Trump in a similar light, now you see how the Trump voters feel! The working people have no mainstream party which supports their interests, only the interests of the capitalist class.

As Eugene V. Debs said,

“The ignorant workingman who supports either of the two parties forges his own fetters (chains) and is the unconscious author of his own misery… Why should a workingman support the Republican (or Democratic) Party? Why should a millionaire support the Socialist Party? For precisely the same reason that all millionaires are opposed to the Socialist Party, all workers should be opposed the Republican (and Democratic) Parties.”

Do you honestly believe that most people who voted for Trump genuinely believe in him? That they genuinely want him to be POTUS above all other viable alternatives? Absolutely not. It was him (horrible) versus Hillary (terrible). I bet only 1/4 of his votes were cast by people who genuinely believe in him, and the same goes for Clinton. How many more future Trumps and future Clintons have to come around before the working people in this country, the 99%, say enough is enough? We at Socialist Alternative continually say, “We need a party of the 99%!” This is not some empty phrase. This is truly our only salvation. I call on all working people regardless of who you voted for, regardless of your, social, cultural, or religious beliefs to gather together in the name of self preservation, in the name of true and absolute democracy.

This new party we speak of is not some radical communist party. It is to be a democratic-socialist party, an american labor party, similar to the labor party in the UK. But nonetheless it will be irrevocably opposed to the reign of capital, its interests, and its cronies. It is to solely represent the proletarian class (those who sell their labor to live, the 99%). It is to be democratically run by its members from the bottom up under the principles of democratic-centralism and not some bureaucratic leviathan at the top. It is to be a force that brings the hard working men and women who toil away 50 hours a week just to secure a wretched existence into the front lines of American politics, it is to shake the very foundations of bourgeois democracy. It is to bring all who have been alienated by the two-parties of big business into the political process, to represent their and their interests alone. It is to smash the two-party system which alienates so many from the political process! It is to be a grassroots movement devoid of corporate cash or billionaire influence! It’s coming about shall be soon. Let the masters stop the wheels of history if they can! Workers of America Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

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