The ‘small government’ far-right in power

The ‘small government’ far-right is now in power! It now fills all three branches of government! This seems strange that they always rave about ‘small government’ whenever it helps poor people or is even perceived as threatening the dictatorship of the rich. Of course this ‘threat’ from the ‘left’ is always an inconvenience to the neoliberal center-right democratic party which only gives concessions when the people force its hand and threaten to leave its shitty reactionary party. Funny that this ‘small government’ party- now that it is in power wants to make it a crime to call them bigots when they are being bigots (1), wants to make protesting illegal (2) , wants to send Muslim’s to concentration- er I mean internment camps (3) , wants to deport 3 million hard working people (4) , wants to regulate a woman’s body and punish them for having an abortion (5) , wants to send people to jail on the basis of what they do with other consenting adults (6) , wants to electrocute- er I mean ‘convert’ gay people (7) , wants to discriminate against people on the basis of their gender identity (8) , uses ‘alternative facts’ like doublethink in 1984 (9) , calls anything it doesn’t like ‘ungerman’, anti-sovet’- er I mean ‘unamerican’, wants to teach pseudoscience and religion in the classroom, wants poor people who can’t afford healthcare to die (10) , wants poor people to stay poor and rich people to get richer, wants corporations to effectively wield all state power and pollute the earth as much as they want (11) . Am I forgetting something?

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