Mankind shall only be free once they own everything from the factories to the stars!

Immigrant workers may work harder than natives. But only because their conditions of exploitation are much worse. We must never forget this fact. They must own the farms they work. The land belongs to those who till it! They must have a democratic say in their workplaces. The factories and businesses belong to those who toil within them! In essence, the world belongs to those who do labor, for there would be no world at all without labor. And yes, the slums and apartments, the homes and dwellings of the people belong to those who live within them! Not to the banks, not to the landlords, not to the capitalists. No! They belong to the people! We must not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, and yes, or of nationality! We shall say to the capitalist that they too much work and actively contribute to society, no longer shall they live off the labor and toil of others. No longer shall they be entitled to what other people produce, but that they themselves must work. Compensation shall be paid on the basis of proven need of small investors, of small capitalists, not millionaires. The Large industries are to be immediately brought into public ownership and democratic management of the working class. The right to inherit private property shall be abolished and thereby small businesses will be brought into the ownership of the working class upon the death of the owner/s, or by the sale of the company to the workers. I wholeheartedly believe that the people of the world will not be free until they own everything from the farms, restaurants, and factories to the stars!

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