On The “Over-Emphasis” of LGBT+ Rights in Modern Culture

A common talking point of the far right today is the alleged ‘over-emphasis’ on LGBT+ rights in modern culture. Indeed, there is an excessive emphasis on LGBT+ rights in modern movies, TV shows, music, ads, etc. But why is this? I argue that such an over-emphasis is not only acceptable, but also necessary. This over-emphasis is not in the least a result of ‘negative influences’ but on the contrary, it is much needed and long overdue.

I do not have any doubts as to the nature of such an over-emphasis on LGBT+ rights in modern society. Taking up a ‘liberal’ stance on social issues has always resulted in boosted ratings for celebrities, and it is nearly impossible to tell when it is out of a genuine concern for LGBT+ rights and when it is merely a stunt to get ratings. But this social mechanism of the appraisal of celebrities who take up such views is good, because it changes the ways in which society and culture develop.

Beyond the emphasis on LGBT+ rights merely for ratings, there is the genuine burning passion for equality that dwells within many. For us it must be said that such an over-emphasis on LGBT+ rights is, as the conservatives accuse us of, intentional. Yes! To this crime we plead guilty. But what the conservative critics of modern culture fail to see is that such an over-emphasis on LGBT+ rights is necessary. I argue that once we have full LGBT+ rights and equality, in actuality and not just on paper, it will be no different than how we treat issues of race today. You don’t think conservatives were complaining about ‘liberals’ overemphasizing race during the civil rights movement? Of course they were.

Conservatives insist on the ‘evil’ nature of LGBT+ rights. But even taking into account this attitude of religious bigotry (which is absolutely wrong), tell me, which was worse? The mandated chemical castration, psychiatric abuse, imprisonment, harassment, lynching, etc. of LGBT+ peoples in the past or allowing LGBT+ people to exist freely in our society without direct or systemic attacks by society? The answer to this question is both obvious, and extreme! Extreme measures are necessary to end centuries of bigotry.

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