What is Needed To Combat Climate Change is both Socialism, and an International Body With Real Power

Anyone can tell you that Trump lied MANY times in his speech today regarding the Paris Agreement. It is with great sadness that I come to the conclusion that in order to ensure the long term survival of the human species, drastic measures must be taken by all nations. “Ecologically friendly capitalism” is a pipe-dream. It is on par with “ethical slavery”. If we are to fix this issue, then a vast increase on international, multilateral state power will become essential. Even if it is futile, such measures must be attempted, preferably under a socialist system, as the above link indicates.
To solve the climate crisis, even under a socialist system, it necessarily requires a semi-merger of international state powers into an international body, or confederation, with REAL POWER. If I had to speculate, I would say that this confederation would force all nations, be they developed or undeveloped, to transfer to a 100% green, renewable energy source by a certain date, stop burning fossil fuels, practice vast reforestation, drastically reduce the meat industry, and the use and production of most plastics and other non-biodegradable commodities, etc.
Violations of established measures, to certain degrees, would mean war not on one state or another, but on all of humanity. The suspect country would be sanctioned economically by all other countries in the confederation, then if they continue violations they would be embargoed, then, as a last resort, attacked militarily. Every single other state in the confederation would reign down hellfire on the country in violation, until either it is overthrown, or until it cooperates.
There is always a sense, when it comes to the climate, that there is “always time to debate this next year”. When, in reality, the time to debate this issue was 30 years ago. The science is settled. There can be no doubt. The time to act was yesterday. If we continue on the path we are on, our grandchildren will have come to the conclusion that NO PRICE is too much for the long term survival of the human species, even the deaths of 5 billion people, even sending humanity back to the dark ages. They will not be wrong, sadly, in this murderous reasoning. In the next 100 years, massive cities will be constructed to house those refugees whose homes have vanished under the rising ocean’s waters. This is an inevitability independent of human action, collaboration, or will.
At such a point, say, 100 years from now, if capitalism still prevails, when hope is so far gone, only a totalitarian global state will be able to ensure the long term survival of the human species. This is not a world that you or I want our grandchildren to live in. The time for action is NOW. The suicidal actions of Trump today only further demonstrate the impotence in reasoning of the capitalist system, that values profits over both people today and the long term survival of the human species. The only way to counteract this disaster is by the transfer to a (democratic) socialist system on a global scale, the abolition of capitalism and the formation of an international confederation equipped to deal with the climate crisis that we face.

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