Briefly On The Constant Existential and Moral Terror


How anyone can harm an old person, a child, or an animal escapes me. The world is filled with terror, not actual terror but emotional terror. There are laws of physics that cannot be broken, and written laws that exist only because they can be broken. The worst atrocities can take place in 3 seconds, at any time, at any place. People seem sane and calm in everyday life, then when something awful happens it is terrifying and it breaks them. But what is even more terrifying, to me, is that horrible things can happen at any time, at any place, seemingly without reason. There is no solace from this. This is, of course, merely terror caused by the physical. It is not, the ever greater terror of existence. How we aren’t in constant fear and trembling at the inevitability of death, the unknown, the possibility of atrocity, etc. is beyond me.

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