Why The Liberal “Cultural Revolution” Against Racism Is Doomed To Fail

Going on today is what I see as an unofficial, disorganized, and very liberal “cultural revolution” that, while recognizing the racist nature of our society, is not addressing the institutional roots of the problem. On the contrary, is individualistically and idealistically slandering individuals and commodities for taking part in a system of which, they too, are an intrinsic and fundamental part of. The remedy to racism in our society lay in either regressing into even stronger idealism (i.e. conservatism, denying there is even a problem), or, in actually addressing the institutionally racist superstructure, and, most essentially, it’s economic base: capitalism.
A key component of liberalism is the defense of the prevailing socioeconomic system (capitalism). To be critical of capitalism while still wanting to “reform” it is to still be a camp of liberalism. But to be critical of it enough to want its replacement with a more just, democratic, efficient, and humane economic system transcends liberalism and its idealistic limitations. It then goes into the camp of materialism. The democratic party, by its very nature, is incapable of this transcendence. And so long as the two-party system exists, the root of the problem will exist and remain unchallenged. So long as this is the case, any attempts at “eliminating and exposing racism” will ultimately fail in the long run. We see today the failures of the “formal” declarations of racial equality that emerged purely as concessions from the ruling class due to the civil rights movement.
Liberalism identifies individuals as the root of society’s problems, and not the social and economic forces that shape the individual into the person they ultimately become. As such, it is more concerned with attacking certain individuals or even commodities who are (correctly or incorrectly) labeled as racist, than with addressing the system that institutionally creates, shapes, and maintains this racist hegemony in our society that keeps racial minorities in de facto bondage and produces those who end up promoting racist views. Liberalism cuts the weeds instead of killing the seeds that produce the weeds. This is why the good intentioned witch hunt for racism on the liberal left is ultimately doomed to failure, because it tries to destroy racism solely on an individual, and not an institutional basis.
Engels explains the de jure declarations of equality in bourgeois society quite well saying,
“Equality is set aside again by restraining it to a mere “equality before the law”, which means equality in spite of the inequality of rich and poor — equality within the limits of the chief inequality existing—which means, in short, nothing else but giving inequality the name of equality.” (Collected Works Volume 6, p. 28-29).
Inequality becomes equality in bourgeois society, just like slavery becomes freedom, ignorance becomes strength, and war becomes peace. The solutions to these grave social ills lay solely outside of the prevailing socioeconomic system, if it were not so, this writing would have long since become unnecessary. It should be self-evident by now that the conclusion Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Huey P. Newton all came to is correct: the problem of racism cannot be solved until capitalism is abolished.

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