The Internet is Humanity’s Best Achievement: Let Us Use It To Better Ourselves

I think the internet was humanity’s best achievement thus far. All other innovations pale in comparison. All of human knowledge is now knowable instantaneously. Never before was this possible in any previous epoch. We are all connected to one another through this medium of communication and anonymous exchange.
Let us preserve this great achievement and protect it from all governments and private interests who wish to control, censor, or profit off of it. The internet is mine as it is yours. It belongs to all of us, not to any one individual. All of us have the right to freely add to and take from it, and to hopefully use it to improve ourselves and the rest of humanity.
The internet is often something we take for granted. In the past people had to go to the library to learn about something. Now we just press a few keys and buttons and the whole of human knowledge is before our eyes, in an instant. I often say that ‘books are thought traps’. They are something sacred. You think a thought and it disappears, you tell it to another and they forget. But if you write it down and publish it, there it is on the pages for aeons and aeons after your death. The internet is like this but on a much grander scale. What is done on the internet cannot be undone, but it’s so big that it doesn’t really matter.
It is potentially the most dangerous weapon, the most toxic poison if we are not careful. But conversely, it is potentially the saving grace of humanity, a tool to exponentially increase human innovation and growth, a tool saturated in the optimism of progress. Let us take this tool and use it to better ourselves and the lives of those around us. In the name of knowledge let us demand the barriers on human thought be lifted and made free to all. Truly we are living in a remarkable age.

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