Ecological Catastrophe: The Global Superstate That May Become Necessary For Our Survival

In most of the developed world, denial of climate change is on par with denying the moon landing, the theory of evolution, or the fact that the earth is round. In America however, in the heart of world imperialism, climate change and science denial is extremely common. So common in fact, that the current President of The United States, billionaire capitalist Donald Trump, is a known climate change denier. His policies such as stripping the EPA (environmental protection agency) of funds necessary for it to function, and the American withdrawal of the Paris Agreement, are evidence of this fact.

It is well known that the fossil fuel industry, one of the leading polluting industries in the world, is in the pockets of U.S. politicians and (often debunked) scientists who promote the idea of the “climate change hoax”. We see the same thing today in America with climate change denial as we saw several decades ago when it was still widely disputed that tobacco was addictive or caused cancer. No honest climate scientist denies that climate change is happening, nor do they deny that tobacco is addictive/ causes cancer. Many scientists believe we are past the point of no return, that with rising sea levels hundreds of millions of people are going to be displaced from their homes, and this is only the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).

One Possible Future

What I fear may eventually become essential, for the long term survival of the human species, is the pursuit of the long term survival of the human race by any means necessary. Of course, this implies a planned economy on a global scale, but more than that, maybe even a one-party state to enforce reforestation programs, the transfer to 100% renewable energy, ecological friendly industrialization, and programs for our long term survival above all else.

If we truly have passed the point of no return, then material comfort and luxury are superfluous for this entire generation, and perhaps even the one to follow our own. When this becomes the case, in the not too distant future (assuming capitalism continues), the only thing that will matter is minimizing the damage to such an extent that our great great grandchildren can have a planet to call home.

Scientific investigation, economic planning, and skepticism alone would be the guide for this monstrous superstate. To drive a gasoline car would eventually become illegal as green alternatives emerged. Massive amounts of money would go into educating a generation of scientists, finding alternative energy sources such as cold fusion, getting people to Mars, etc. This is not an ideal place to live, make no mistake. I pray to God such a thing would never, ever become necessary. I hope we never mess things up to such an extent. But I can easily imagine a world in which we have. I can envision a global state mechanism, or possibly inter-state mechanism, that enforces these aims by terror and fear alone, but doing so in such a way that the overwhelming majority recognize its necessity.

The Ideal Solution

To prevent either the eventual global totalitarian pursuit of the long term survival of the human species, or its annihilation under capitalism, an inter-state power is necessary, but the sooner this happens, the less likely such extreme measures, such as terror and authoritarianism, will become. To truly regulate and eventually abolish pollution, the state power of one country alone is simply not enough. This is a global crisis, it requires therefore, a global solution. All country’s on the earth should be held to a predetermined environmental standard set by scientists, the violation of which, necessitates a total and immediate economic embargo on the country in question by all the country’s of the earth until the crisis is resolved, or, in extreme circumstances, war and the overthrow of that country’s government, a measure which is, by the way, a violation of that nations right to self-determination, but a necessary one. In this way, we could see a world relying on 100% renewable energy, the emergence of massive reforestation programs on a global scale, industrialization of less developed country’s along ecological friendly lines, and eventually a planned economy on a global scale. The idea of such a system existing under capitalism is utopian, but the frameworks for such a system have already been laid in international organizations such as the United Nations under capitalism. Only a democratically planned economy, along with inter-state cooperation on a global scale, can ensure the abolition of the continual man-made destruction of our planet, and the long term survival of the human species as a whole.

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