America Only Has A Criminal ‘Injustice’ System


America does not have a criminal justice system, it has a criminal injustice system. It does not ‘rehabilitate’ people. On the contrary, it turns decent people convicted of petty or one-time crimes into actual criminals. 4/5ths of those ‘rehabilitated’ return to prison. It denies female prisoners the most basic of feminine hygiene products and punishes them when they bleed openly because of it. It punishes those who are troubled by isolating them from everyone and everything in a most cruel punishment, which only makes their problems worse. It makes those convicted of even petty sex crimes social outcasts by putting them on sex offender registries. It does nothing to help people when they are released from prison. It does nothing for transgender prisoners, forcing them into prisons populated by members of their birth sex where they are raped, abused, and murdered. It refuses them vitally needed hormone replacement therapy. It disproportionately targets people of color and the poor. It is a heartless institution. It does nothing to address the material conditions of physical and spiritual poverty that create crime, on the contrary, it worsens them. It is a racist, criminal, sadistic, unjust system that has no moral justification to exist.

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

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