Historical Justice For The Crimes of a People’s Ancestors. To What Degree it Justice?

It is fun to joke about a Native American president deporting all Caucasians back to Europe, and this would be a form of ‘total historical justice’ for the Native American people, but are a people innately responsible for the crimes of their ancestors? No, but they are responsible for whatever injustice the present generation imposes onto a people. Every year that goes by after an occupation, the morality of restoring the old society in full grows increasingly grey as new generations emerge. But this grayness does not in the least give a people the right to continually oppress or exploit the deposed peoples. No, they have no such right.
Take for instance the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The initial act of “taking back” Israel was a criminal and unjust act, even if it was in response to another injustice (the holocaust). Most of Israel is not responsible for this. But the present generation of Israel mercilessly oppresses the Palestinian people, continues to steal the land that belongs to the Palestinian people, and wages a war against a people that borders on genocide. In this, all of Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity. Those who stand by and do nothing are guilty. Neutrality always is on the side of the oppressor.
The solution is not, however, the ousting of the present generation of Israel. Nor is the solution to the oppression of the indigenous peoples of America the “ousting” of all Caucasians to Europe. Israel and Palestine should be restored to the pre-1967 borders by force of arms if necessary. Those who advocate total seizure of the land by one group of another are morally bankrupt in either case, regardless of historical injustices. The Native American people today suffer horrendous injustices even if on a lesser scale than the Palestinian people. But nonetheless it is our fault if we do not help them, if we do not do what we can to restore the dignity and self-determination they have lost due to the crimes of our ancestors.
Force, naturally, is the only option to restore order to a people who have been brainwashed to hate one another, justly or unjustly, with good reason or without. Due to such a situation, the “right to national self-determination” of Israel has no moral grounds to exist, nor would it for America if we treated our natives as horribly as Israel treats the Palestinians. Historical justice is not necessarily justice proper, when total for one party, it is in nearly every instance a form of injustice against a people whose only crime was being caught in the cross-fire.

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