We’re on the Darknet now!

Need to access our website anonymously? Do you live in an authoritarian country or feel threatened by mass surveillance? Look no further, we’re on the darknet! Those following our Facebook page know we recently tested the release of a Tor Hidden Service version of the Thought Foundry Blog. It looks very different from the WordPress version as it is custom built and uses no Javascript in order to maximize security. We also posted a version onto Freenet in the form of a ‘flog’ (a Freenet blog site). Currently we are working on deploying the blog onto I2P as well. In addition to ‘Privacy Tools for Activists‘, we added a new pro-privacy site page called ‘Darknet Mirrors’ where you can find the appropriate link to find us on the darkweb using your preferred anonymous network. The page says as follows:


Our blog actually has a number of people who read it in authoritarian countries. Naturally, if you live in authoritarian country you don’t want your visit to this site logged and recorded by the powers that be. So with my technical knowledge, I have re-posted every single post ever written on the Thought Foundry Blog from its early beginnings in 2016 up till now, onto various censorship resistant “darknets”. Currently the Freenet and Tor mirrors are up and running. We are still having technical difficulties getting the I2P mirror up (sorry)! Anyways, here are the links (you will need special software to access these sites!):

Tor: http://bk2lthbdpd746fqd.onion/


I2P: (to be announced)

You can find more about these censorship resistant platforms and get the tools needed to use them here:




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