The Tor Hidden Service Mirror of Red Liberty is Back Online!

Years ago when I first put Red Liberty (then known as Thought Foundry Blog) up onto the censorship resistant internet (A.K.A. “darknet”) I configured a Tor Hidden Service running an nginx webserver on an old Raspberry Pi I had laying around. As the blog grew so did the diversity of my readers. It alarmed me from time to time to see that I would get a ping from an IP in China or Russia or some other country whose civil liberties are not so guaranteed as in the (mostly) free world. I had till then been a long time Tor user, in fact I’d wager that nearly all of my web browsing was over the Tor network. This is just how I operated, the Snowden leaks to me were a wake up call that privacy (and later I thought, freedom because of it) were making their way out the door and this idea terrified me. The solution here was obvious: I had to put Red Liberty up as a Tor hidden service to make it safer for people in authoritarian countries to visit. I investigated other anonymous networks as well: Freenet, ZeroNet, and I2P. At first it was to solve a problem but over time I fell in love with the technology and became an active contributor to the I2P Project in my spare time, promoting the software, improving the documentation, helping to test new software, and so forth. All the while things happened as they often do in the game of life and my little Raspberry Pi found other uses. Red Liberty remained on ZeroNet and Freenet as those networks were designed to serve websites without a centralized server staying on 24/7, and naturally my I2P mirror was functioning (along with my mirror of Marxists Internet Archive on I2P which you should check out), but Tor, the most widely used censorship resistant network out there lacked a fresh mirror of Red Liberty. Well, no longer! Red Liberty is back Tor users, and better than ever! As a version 3 Tor hidden service, Red Liberty welcomes (friendly) access to its Tor Hidden Service!

The glorious onion for Red Liberty is: http://redlib23tokwmp5r2xjpz6uw64j6gvz3ppsv7agdbb3fj3gn2cnm3lid.onion

If you want to tip us a little crypto you can find our XMR address under contact us. You can also find the entire list of censorship resistant (darknet) mirrors of Red Liberty under Alt Links. If you are already on one of them, welcome! If not, see you on the other side!

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