A Communalist Assembly Starter Kit | The New Municipal Agenda

In today’s turbulent world with a seemingly global period of mass protests and demonstrations, nothing is needed more than a basic how-to guide for creating genuinely liberating and emancipatory forms of political power at the grassroots level. The worst thing for people in the streets in would be to merely emulate already existing political and economic social structures with their well-known problems and shortcomings. If the people of the world want freedom they can and must aim to transcend the confines of a traditional liberal democratic republic.

The hitherto predisposed ideal of for a people seeking a free society has been a liberal democratic republic similar to the United States in structure. The government of United States has proven itself quite resilient in maintaining itself and restraining itself institutionally against the inevitable abuses of unleashed state power. However the criticisms of this model, by Marxists and anarchists alike, have been more than valid and should be taken very seriously. With the excesses of either movements political traditions trimmed we see concretely that liberal democratic states are not nearly free and democratic enough. Even in the freest, most democratic countries we are backsliding, slowly but surely, towards a new kind of authoritarian social system similar to that which prevails in the “People’s” Republic of China. The prerequisites to civil liberty are being chipped away day by day, and the threat of turnkey tyranny looms ever over our shoulders. Liberal democratic states are likewise incapable, or unwilling to adequately address the climate crisis in any meaningful way. And humanity’s future problems already foreseen (nuclear weapons, biogenetics, artificial intelligence, etc.) are likewise in desperate need of transnational structures capable of addressing them beyond the confines of the nation state and state society.

Faced with the death of freedom, democracy, and the prerequisite to all human prosperity, a sustainable future- a habitable earth, a new emancipatory social and political system demands to be born.

Politically there is perhaps no better system than communalism for a free, democratic, ecologically sustainable future. Red Liberty therefore republishes for the worlds dissidents and activists this vitally needed guide to creating a democratic society at the local level: communalist power.

    How to Start a Communalist Assembly:   Communalism is the means and ends of directly democratic, non hierarchical, ecological, co-federated community assemblies that seek to meet people’s needs, decentralize power, oppose hierarchies, create reconstructive and oppositional collectives, and to build the new world within the shell of the old via libertarian socialist dual…

— Read on thenewmunicipalagenda.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/a-communalist-assembly-starter-kit/

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