Against War With Iran and The Language of Statecraft in Geopolitical Discussions!

I have a problem with the language inherent in geopolitical discussions. “America did that” “Russia says this” “Iran did that”.

Countries are not conscious entities, and rarely in using such terminology do we mean the actually existing people, even the will of the people in that country. We speak of states and the will of states that are antagonistic to other states and most often to the interests of their own people. States, even warring states, have more in common with one another than with their own people. A state is a weapon of repression wielded by one class against another. The interests of the people are not, but rather are contrary to, the interests of the state that rules over them. The national interest is not the public interest.

There are few ideas more noble than that of Republican government. It’s defining attribute is not in its statecraft but in its negation of statecraft via its constitution, which is enforced by its own precepts: by rule of law, the separation of powers, and a free press, with other essential negative liberties.

But the Republican state is still a state, and under capitalism is a capitalist state that rules in the interests of, in modern times, an increasingly wealthy and powerful, ruling class that constitutes an extreme minority.

These days the noble aspirations of the ruling class of 1776 we find are today increasingly antagonistic to the interests of the common citizen. Indeed liberty itself is in danger as everywhere the prerequisites to its existence in our digital age are being eroded in the name of profit and statecraft. Today we are witnessing a global right-wing, authoritarian shift in global politics (or if you like, statecraft).

Only grassroots social movements aiming to build local self-rule in the form of popular assemblies and face-to-face democracy have any chance at re-affirming the public interest and bringing power back down to the people. In essence what is needed today is precisely what Murray Bookchin in his day called “capital-C” Communalism.

Today we hear that “America attacked Iran” we should hear that the state of America attacked the state of Iran, and this killed real human beings on the ground. That they were good or bad, it makes no difference. Regardless of what encroachments were made by one state or another, of who in statecraft or politics was justified, victimized, or assailed, the interests of the people of both countries are solely in preserving peace and friendship between our two people’s at all costs, and thereby in forcing our governments, which are today at least, psychopathic expressions of predatory rule, to act peacefully by popular demand.

Therefore to declarations of war we demand peace. Therefore to requests to fight we refuse. Therefore to states we bring non-violent civil disobedience.

No to war with the state of Iran! No to war with the state of America!

Only peace and friendship between our two people’s!

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