Rojava, Desert Flower (a poem)

Rojava, desert flower
You emerge from the great storm
As the Romans were to America
So you are to the world of tomorrow

Aristotle lauds you
The good life is made real here
Jefferson tips to you his hat
The great ward republic, bastion of liberty
Marx nods to you his head
The political system of a truly free society
Bakunin smiles when he sees you
The state loses its teeth
Bookchin points to you
A way out of ecocide and into freedom

Mother nature’s fury ceases, when she sees your tricolored flag
Kali becomes Devi, Sekhmet becomes Hathor
She offers you her lotus flower, her freedom becomes yours, great lady Liberty
All the world sees you now

Man and woman hand-in-hand
All faiths and none, all peoples, the multitudes
Complementarity, strength in diversity
If there be a God of any faith, they smile on you
The prophets too
Allah, Christ, Iehovah, Buddha, Krishna, Ahura Mazda, they smile on you

Rojava, desert flower
Live long and prosper
May your enemies be destroyed!
May you last a thousand years!

Rojava, desert flower
Your roots are deep
Your branches are many
May you bear much fruit!

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