Early Beginnings

Red Liberty (formerly known as Thought Foundry Blog) was started with WordPress in 2016 as a way for me to post my thoughts and ideas onto the internet. It started off as a largely personal blog. Initially I posted about Astronomy, Egyptology, Technology, Science, and occasionally Economics. But of course, today we write about politics and other fun stuff like hacking.

Political Leanings

Between the creation of this blog and now I had become a Marxist after much reading and thought and the blog took a largely political turn. However, being ruthlessly critical of everything I quickly became disillusioned with the so-called socialist states of the 20th century and grew increasingly sympathetic to Trotskyism and  later Luxemburgism (and other forms of Libertarian Marxism). Over time I began to see the historical limitations of these movements and while still looking upon them favorably, came to investigate other schools of thought such as anarchism and contemporary enlightenment political philosophy (shout out to Thomas Jefferson). My views became over time radically anti-authoritarian and libertarian. Much to my surprise I found that many of the same conclusions I was coming to were already formed by a social theorist of the 20th century named Murray Bookchin whose arguments I more or less accept. Currently (as of writing this) I have been studying this school of thought known as Communalism or social ecology, as I once studied Marxism, and this is why there have not been a lot of posts on the blog lately. Politically my views are very much in-line with the US Green Party of which I am a member. I highly encourage people to get involved with their local and state green parties. There is no shame in saying that I am still learning, in fact all of us should be always learning new things. I’ve also come to apply hacker ethics and ideals to my political philosophy, regarding a revolutionization of digital life on libertarian grounds to be as essential as anything in the physical world. Hence I am a strong advocate of privacy in the digital age (cypherpunk).

Some Popularity

I created a Facebook page and apparently people liked my posts. Some of my videos and posts got several million views. Currently it has over 11K likes and is one of the more prominent blogs on the left (there aren’t a lot of us).

To The Reader

I hope the reader will enjoy reading, and will understand that older posts often no longer reflect my current views which are always changing. I am always open to the possibility that everything I “know” is wrong, for no one has a monopoly on the truth. We can only try our best after evaluating the objective facts to the best of our ability. Enjoy.

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Who We Support

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