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Red Liberty, formerly known as Thought Foundry Blog covers a variety of topics from a Luxemburgist/ Libertarian Marxist and Trotskyist perspective. I am a Marxist in most every sense of the word, and a follower of Liberation Theology. This puts me in a minority among Christians and Marxists alike, but provides a very unique perspective on current issues. I typically write from a purely secular point of view, in a way accessible to theists and atheists alike. I do not try to push my own religious views in my blog posts as I believe socialism to be neither theistic or atheistic, but only human. Though occasionally I do.

Red Liberty is one of the few popular leftist blogs on the Internet written from a perspective of Trotskyism, Luxemburgism, or Liberation Theology. As far as I know, it is the only blog on the internet written from all 3 perspectives and it is one of the most popular socialist blogs in the world.

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Though I recommend people not use Facebook, I recognize that most people do and I want our ideas to be accessible to the largest number of people possible. Please know that Facebook is designed to sell your data to private advertisers and that the NSA has direct access to its central servers (you are being watched). Furthermore, Facebook also uses proprietary software- another reason to stay away from it. It has routinely silenced political dissidents (despite the small ‘leftbook’ communities) and it works in collaboration with the demands of authoritarian governments in regards to how its people can use its site. People do not use Facebook, Facebook uses people.

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