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Thought Foundry Blog was started with WordPress in 2016 as a way for me to post my thoughts and ideas onto the internet. It started off as a largely personal blog. Initially I posted about Astronomy, Egyptology, Technology, Science, and occasionally Economics. As I became a Marxist after much reading and thought, the blog took a largely political turn. I quickly became disillusioned with the so-called socialist states of the 20th century and grew increasingly sympathetic to Trotskyism and Luxemburgism. I also began sympathizing a lot with various anarchist thinkers including the founder of social ecology Murray Bookchin who I look up to greatly. I would consider myself a libertarian Marxist, drawing heavily from Trotskyism, Luxemburgism, anarchism, social ecology, and liberation theology. I created a Facebook page and apparently people liked my posts. Some of my videos and posts got several million views. Currently it has over 11K likes and is one of the more prominent blogs on the left (there aren’t a lot of us).

As someone into computers who owned a website being read in several authoritarian countries, I felt obligated to put it onto various censorship resistant platforms such as I2P, Tor, Freenet, and ZeroNet. All of these platforms are routinely updated (with the exception of Tor which I haven’t got around to putting back up yet). As I previously stated I am a follower of Liberation Theology. I see no real necessary contradiction between Marxist politics and the Christian faith and neither did those who I look up to most: James Connolly and Rosa Luxemburg. I hope the reader will enjoy reading, and will understand that older posts often no longer reflect my current views which are always changing. I am always open to the possibility that everything I “know” is wrong, for no one has a monopoly on the truth. We can only try our best after evaluating the objective facts to the best of our ability. Enjoy.

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We are a bit “unorothodox” in many of our views. Increasingly I have become less of a Trotskyist and more sympathetic to Libertarian Marxism, Social Ecology, and Luxemburgism, but we still hold many “Trotskyist” views. It’s all quite silly if you think about it, having to fit ourselves into narrow categories of which hardly anyone knows a thing about! Just call us democratic socialists or Libertarian Marxists and you’ve pretty much got it.

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Though I recommend people not use Facebook, I recognize that most people do and I want our ideas to be accessible to the largest number of people possible. Please know that Facebook is designed to sell your data to private advertisers and that the NSA has direct access to its central servers (you are being watched). It is not a good platform in regards to ethics. Facebook also uses proprietary software- another reason to stay away from it. It has routinely silenced political dissidents (despite the small ‘leftbook’ communities, of which there are a lot of totally insane people) and it works in collaboration with the demands of authoritarian governments in regards to how its people can use its site. People do not use Facebook, Facebook uses people.

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