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The Marxist Case for Human Rights

“Liberty consists of doing anything which does not harm others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of each man has only those borders which assure other members of the society the enjoyment of these same rights. These borders can be determined only by the law.” -Article 4 of the Declaration of The Rights of … Continue reading




“Does not caring about politics make me a bad person?” No, it does not.

A friend asked me “does not caring about politics make me a bad person, in your opinion?” I said no, for several reasons. First let us look at Rousseau, in the ‘Social Contract’: “If the sovereign (meaning the people) is free to oppose them and does not do so, we must take universal silence as … Continue reading




The Dictatorship of The Proletariat and America Today

Or, What Do The Libertarian Marxists Want?

The most pompous and misinformed servants of the existing order cry that because we are Marxists, even “Libertarian Marxists”, that we want to instill upon America the same despotism that reigned in East Germany, in Romania, in the Soviet Union, the same tyranny that reigns in China and North Korea today. “They want a dictatorship! They want to overthrow our democracy and create a dictatorship of the… Continue reading→


Religion and Socialism: A New Answer To The Religious Question

Religion and Socialism: A New Answer To The Religious Question

Religion and Socialism: A New Answer To The Religious Question Prelude to my Magnus Opus on Religion and Socialism   Some Historical Context (those familiar with the Trotskyist interpretation of the history of the Russian Revolution and the “fall of communism” can skip over this) In 1917 a revolution in Russia erupted that shook the … Continue reading



The Elements of Leadership: Immoral, Moral and Immorally Moral Pragmatism

The dramatic introduction in the very first scene to Frank Underwood, the protagonist in the Netflix Original Series House of Cards is worthy of an analysis for this post. The scene I am referring to can be found below. There is no doubt a reason why this is the viewers introduction to the shows main … Continue reading



Why The Liberal “Cultural Revolution” Against Racism Is Doomed To Fail

Why The Liberal “Cultural Revolution” Against Racism Is Doomed To Fail

Going on today is what I see as an unofficial, disorganized, and very liberal “cultural revolution” that, while recognizing the racist nature of our society, is not addressing the institutional roots of the problem. On the contrary, is individualistically and idealistically slandering individuals and commodities for taking part in a system of which, they too, … Continue reading



Why I am a Socialist

I am a socialist because I simply refuse to accept that the richest country on earth “can not afford to” provide housing for all, employment for all, guarantee a means of subsistence to all who work, provide universal healthcare, and not exploit the third world. Somehow, it is “unethical” to seize the means of producing … Continue reading


Briefly, On the Sacred Nature of Literature : Books Are Thought Traps!

Long ago when someone wanted to preserve a message, they carved it on stone in the form of a picture. Today we have written language and books, allowing us to send complicated messages, thoughts, and ideas into the indefinite future. Books are thought traps! That is the essence of my appreciation of literature. You can … Continue reading



To Be Born Is Arguably The Worst Injustice, Consent and Existentialism, Psychoanalysis and Parenting

To be born is arguably the worst injustice, one cannot consent to being thrust into existence, for to say “I consent” implies that there is an I, that existence is already attained. It is to be, in the inverted sense, raped by mother nature, a one in a trillion rape, a one in a trillion, … Continue reading

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