Censorship Resistant Mirrors


Our blog actually has a number of people who read it in authoritarian countries. Naturally, if you live in authoritarian country you don’t want your visit to this site logged and recorded by the powers that be. So with my technical knowledge, I have re-posted every single post ever written on the Thought Foundry Blog from its early beginnings in 2016 up till now, onto the censorship resistant  internet, or “darknet”. Currently the Freenet, I2P, and Tor mirrors are up and running. We are still having technical difficulties getting the ZeroNet mirror up (sorry)! Anyways, here are the links (you will need special software to access these sites!):

Tor: http://bk2lthbdpd746fqd.onion/


I2P: beoipfwqq5ebx2ywh2rcjwi7th5diaax23mvktppl4gk2pddrf5a.b32.i2p or thoughtfoundryblog.i2p (latter will hopefully work in a few days as of 5/5/18)

Zeronet: (Need to do more research, To Be Announced!)

You can find more about these censorship resistant platforms and get the tools needed to use them here:






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