God and an Untraditional Materialist Conception of The Universe


The language of the material universe is mathematics. Down to the smallest atom and even beyond that to the quarks which hold the atoms together and up to the grandest structures in the observable universe. The mystical conception of God has more and more become obsolete. Does this mean God is disappearing from our conceptions of the universe? Yes but not out of neccesity. For millennia God has been used to explain material phenomena that we could not yet scientifically explain. For instance Thor, the thunder God becomes a lot less likely when we discover the mechanics of lightning. This is not to say that there aren’t experiences, phenomenon and things out there which cannot be scientifically, rationally or materialistically explained- for I myself have had such an experience which caused me to abandon atheism and even agnosticism. But this is to say that the traditional idea of God as a mystical being working outside the confines of the material universe- a being used to explain material phenomena is becoming ever more obsolete. Does this signify the atheist or agnostic conclusion? This is certainly one interpretation. But as a religious person I accept that God works through the material forces of the universe, that in my opinion they are the forces of God at work. Not contradicting science, but through science. A belief that God is not somehow separate from the universe- as the mystical component and function of God is undeniably dwindling away with the ever increasing scientific explanation of natural phenomena but rather that God works through these natural laws. That God is everywhere, at all times. That the universe is his handiwork, like a master clock set into eternal motion. It is my belief that science does not discredit God, but rather gives us a better idea of how he works. So in that I say I am a materialist, not that I believe that matter is all there is, but rather that all physical phenomenon- from the most basic chemical reactions to consciousness itself can be scientifically explained. Traditionally religion- especially ancient religion was used to explain both how and why the universe acts the way it does. With the advancements of science the mystical conceptions of God- of even the geocentric model itself are crossed out. However even in this there can be no valid scientific explanation for why the universe is. For this both the belief in a God and the belief in no God at all are equally understandable. This is certainly not to say that such an understanding of the universe requires God, I do not make such a claim. But after having a truly unexplainable experience this is the only conclusion I have come to. It’s certainly a rather untraditional materialist conception of the universe, but nonetheless valid and worthy of critique.

2 thoughts on “God and an Untraditional Materialist Conception of The Universe

  1. James Shiers

    13.8 billion years ago, before the Big Bang, there was no space, time and matter. Einstein’s theory of relativity confirms that each can not exist without the other. Did “something” cause the universe or nothing?

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    1. When contemplating things which cannot be comprehended, human reason becomes null. For we are talking about the origin of the material conditions which conceived reason itself. So to answer the question requires faith- either in there being nothing or something which brought the universe into being.


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