Never assume others will do what needs to be done

Do not ever assume that others will be what needs to be done, no matter how desperately it is needed. It is only natural for man as a social being to assume that other members of society will do what is necessary, to solve a desperate problem. But do not ever fall for this folly. It is only by becoming conscious of this social dilemma that man can overcome it. Thus it is necessary for each and every person to become familiar with the bystander effect. Because of the above mentioned moral flaw (the bystander effect) hundreds of men and women in busy streets have simply walked past innocent people bleeding out on the street. Why? Because they all assumed someone else was going to do something about it. This is folly, to overcome this as a society everyone must be taught of this phenomenon from birth and instructed to militantly fight against it. Only then will a glaringly obvious problem come about in which man as a social being wastes no time to fix, and does not rely on the conscience of others to do so. The problem however will continue to persist regardless of what little impact my words will have on the world. I can however have an impact on you, the reader. Therefore I say to you, the reader that you take heed of my words and not hesitate to help those in need. Never assume someone else will do what needs to be done.


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