“You have to accept the flame as hot and go from there”

The above quote is from a friend of mine. It’s easy to get carried away in thought pondering the meaning of life, existence, reality, etc. This is something I’ve given much thought to. The idea I prefer to explain the existence of ‘everything’ is that ‘everything adds up to nothing’. I know, it sounds illogical but hear me out. In physics there is this thing called ‘virtual particles’. All around us, all the time pairs of particles are popping into existence and annihilating. “But wait a minute!”, you say, “The law of conservation of mass says that matter cannot be created or destroyed!”. Yes, you are entirely right! However virtual particles (and certain laws of quantum mechanics which I won’t mention) are an exception to this rule. But how? Let’s say one of these particles has a mathematical value of +1, and the other is -1. You can see where I’m going with this. Basically no ‘new’ matter is created, because both particles add up to 0! Thus they annihilate! So how does this play into reality? It’s simple! Basically you can think of the universe itself as one of these virtual particles, with another ‘anti-universe’ in another dimension. Both of these come together and annihilate. So in the grand scheme of things, nothing really exists (apart from God of course). The other idea is that every particle is ‘unique’ in that there is some kind of underlying code which makes each and every particle in the universe completely unique from every other particle. In another dimension, the anti-particles are coming together, very gradually, eventually combining with it’s counterpart all at once and annihilating the whole universe! You can see how I get lost in thought pondering such things, there is no simple explanation to these problems. But I’ve come to accept that no matter what conclusion I come to, there is no real way to prove my hypothesis. Thus, it is better to focus on human affairs, on something I can study that is concrete. Sometimes it’s just best to accept that the flame is hot and go from there.

One thought on ““You have to accept the flame as hot and go from there”

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