“Fuck people who voted for Trump” -The saying of the misguided liberals

“Fuck people who voted for Trump!”
This is the typical liberal attitude. Working people voted for Trump because they saw tax cuts for the rich and petty jobs programs as better than massive foreign trade agreements by the neoliberal ‘left’. Most people didn’t vote, either out of alienation from the political process or out of disdain for the two god awful candidates. But the majority of those who did vote voted out of fear of the other evil, NOT out of conviction, dedication or belief in the candidate they voted for. This is crucial, the MAJORITY of people who voted for Trump or Hillary did NOT believe in them! They just saw them as the slightly better alternative than the other absolute disaster! And lets face it, they are both absolute disasters. We must smash the two party system that alienates so many Americans! Smash it with the utmost brutality! Labor voting for a billionaire!? There is nothing more absurd. This alone demonstrates that the democratic party does not now- nor did it ever have the interests of working people at heart. We need a new party of the 99%! An American Labor Party- like the one in the UK but better, something that looks solely after the interests of working people. Why should a working person vote for the republican or democratic party? Why should a billionaire vote for the socialist party? For precisely the same reason that a billionaire would not vote for the socialist party, a working person should not vote for the republican or democratic party- and the working people make up the overwhelming majority of the country. They are the 99%.

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