On “Money doesn’t buy happiness”, a scientific refutation (study)

Of all the vicious lies told in the service of the ruling class none is more heinous than the phrase ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. While no doubt a reflection of the virtue of putting aside an economic materialist view point the phrase couldn’t be more wrong. In fact a study done by University of Michigan professors Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson shows a direct correlation between increased wealth and increased happiness. The study, which can be found summarized here completely debunks the previously boasted Easterlin paradox which was used to justify this famous proverb. In fact, money does buy happiness and there appears to be no evidence as of yet for a drop off point of the ideal sum of wealth for peak happiness. Here is precisely what Wolfers and Stevenson found:


original (1).jpg

Linear, empirical, hard scientific data which completely refutes the claim that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. While a virtuous claim, it certainly has no merit in reality. First of all money doesn’t just buy happiness, it buys the essential foundations of human life. These are of course food, water, shelter and transportation. Aside from these the more wealth you have the more you have to dispose of. Money translates to human experiences which translate to happiness. Having an abundance of wealth means you have an abundance of potential ‘premium’ and exotic experiences which are bound to put a smile on any persons face. It means that once your basic requirements of being a social being are met you have a massive surplus of money which you are free to do with as you will. Money in modern society is in essence- liberty. The more money you have, the more liberty (or individual freedom) you have to do as you will. What liberty is enjoyed by one who works yet does not get enough back from the boss who he is enriching to meet his basic requirements, who lives in fear of losing his job, his home, his food? No liberty at all! Such a grave perversion, such a stain on a society which hypocritically inscribes upon its banner ‘liberty for ALL’!

2 thoughts on “On “Money doesn’t buy happiness”, a scientific refutation (study)

  1. You’re missing the point. Yes, you are correct that money allows for freedom, and thus for the potential to be happy. But with that freedom also comes the potential for stagnation and self-destruction. A glut of freedom and dearth of hardship often creates “happy” but weak people, whom catastrophically topple in the slightest breeze of misfortune. And, being so weak, they will often sabotage everyone near them to maintain their wealth, rather than face the “hardships” that would decimate them.

    Perhaps then, the phrase would be better expressed as: “Money can’t buy the strength required of true happiness.” You may wish to consider that the pedantic should not attempt reasoning: academia teaches memorization, not comprehension – and the culture within is reminiscent of a daycare.

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